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How to get your Kicks straight in Soccer Physics?

Penalty Kick! As tense as these sound, they can still save your neck. Penalty Kick, also known as PK. To be honest, there are a lot of techniques and styles for how you can take a penalty show. However, it is best if you develop a personal style of yours for this job. To get you started with Soccer Physics, here are some basic guidelines to start with.

Effortless Practice

Even there will be no differences in the ball, distance, goal size, or any other thing while facing the penalty. However, things can be a little bit tense. The moment and the situation are what it takes for a successful shot. However, it’s not always a happy ending for either side. The same happens in Soccer Physics; this game is all about taking penalty and goal your ball in. However, the competition is tough, and something is challenging from time to time. The following tips will help you get a straight shot right to the net, so carry on with them. Star Wars Games is a website where people can play different kind of Jedi games for free.


  • Place the ball at least 12 yards away from the net. Avoid setting it with your feet, instead use your hands to perfect the possible
  • Now thank at least 4-5 steps back, if you are right footed, then bend a bit to the left
  • Make sure the keeper sees you looking at both posts, you don’t have to look at the keeper for once again. Some keepers will try their best to get in your head, but you will need to try your best to keep him out of there
  • Get in the zone while you are waiting for the referee to blow the whistle. Just be confident and tell yourself that you believe in you. This is all (with skills and a heck load of practice is what you need to score)
  • You need to pick a corner according to your comfort; now you don’t have to change your decision. It is your time to run and remaining loyal to your choice
  • For a good shot, you have to pass the ball quite hard. In the low corner, shoot the ball and aim for the inside instead of the outside, you need some room to be off the target and get the ball sitting in the side netting. Thus scoring a goal on himself
  • After scoring the goal, it is time for you to celebrate it with the rest of your team

Things you May Need

Just get as many balls as you can get your hands on. In addition, you will also need a goal if not, then at least you need two cones to make a goal area yourself. Don’t forget, you will also need someone to protect the goal area.

Workout to help you out

If you want to practice Penalty kicks, you can easily do them by playing games such as Soccer Physics. Take at least 40-70 goals a day to learn about coordination and how to be on your toes.

What you are possibly doing wrong

Well, there are a lot of things, the problem is where to start with! If you miss 2 out of 10 kicks, then there is certainly nothing wrong. However, if you want to rise to 10 out of 10, then you need to know you don’t have to fear perfection as you might never reach it. So for your own good, you will need to find a Penalty kick routine that works out for you and carry on with it. Free Running 2 Game is another great title for you if you like football, especially the goalkeeping and striker positions.

If you miss just because you changed your mind at the very last second on where you are going to shoot just because you had a tough, then you need to know. The majority of mistakes will make you question the gut choice. Therefore, you have to be careful. Another fun title you should try is the Gravity Guy Game which is full of entertaining and interesting moments.

Bonus Tip

When you are playing Soccer Physics, you need to practice a lot and make a Penalty Kick routine. Try to stick with your routine as it will allow you to be comfortable with what you are doing. If you don’t have a routine to practice, then you better make one. From Group F to A, every next level you unlock will only make things harder. So the more you practice, the better chances there will be of you winning the game. To be honest, you will need at least a good hour to get the hang of this game.

Penalty shot that is given to a player is fouled inside the opponents box, the ball is now placed at 12 years far from the net and a player from the team have to shoot the ball at the goal after referee whistle. It only sounds easy. If you dare to do it, you will find out it is tough as hell accounting everything such as your team and the game itself depends on you. If you are looking for more game then you should try Superfighters because it's one of the best football games that you will ever play.

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