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Soccer Physics Walkthrough: How to Get a Hang of It?

Google Play Store happens to be the Biggest Achilles Heel ever known to cell phone users. . It's different from Apple iTunes Appstore. Yes, Google Play Store doesn't need any official approval process for developers to go through and publish a game, completely different from what we have on Apple. This Simple approach of Google Play has led to a boon in indie Android games. This can be seen as free speech as compared to the authority that Apple has been accused of.

But this self-Publishing policy has also led to some Rip-offs, which you won't find at the Apple's iTunes. Speaking of which, our target is Otto Ojala's Quirky arcade game Soccer Physics, which have garnered mass playing fan base.

Overview of the Game

This soccer game has plenty rip-offs of its own but in this Soccer Physics Walkthrough, we are going to talk about the original game. To be honest, this is a dumb game, (in a positive way of course). It's a two on two soccer game where you are only given a cursory amount of control over your players. All you can do is time their jump with balls, goals, and even fields. These are randomized for the first round. To win, you have scored first five goals.

What's Interesting about it?

Soccer Physics has a lot of wacky things in it. This game is innately chaotic which is why it's appreciated. Despite a single player campaign, this game also supports a multiplayer game mode. However, it can be only played on a single device. Keeping in mind that this game is chaotic, it's always a pleasure to have someone join you in the fun. All you have to do is pick up the pace and play it. While you are at it, you can enjoy the goofiness it offers. It's great if you don't know much about how to play soccer games but you are in just for fun.

Becoming a Fan Favorite

Despite whatever this game has to offer, it has become a favorite among its fans. It does have its lasting single player campaign with the ability to play endlessly. It sounds silly and pointless, but this game makes a good pass to a time when you are traveling or in a boring hangout. The game is so much situational randomness that predicting what is going to happen next is almost impossible. However, it's still fun to zone out for some time. Thanks to all these attributes, the Soccer Physics Walkthrough game has managed to make a fan base for itself.

Should You Sink Hours in It?

That's a good question and if you ask me, well I have already sunk some hours into it. The problem is, having a new game to play in the single player campaign is so meaningful. To get a hang of this game, you should know throw players rock back and forth and then time your jump accordingly. From time to time, it will be worth to knock the ball out, all you have to do is force the ball to your opponent's side and let them control the ball.

Trust me, it's better than doing it yourself. Try not to control the ball yourself because it's impressively challenging. Your random generation of goals will clearly state that one player can rock faster so picking this is the key to winning here. According to Soccer Physics Walkthrough, things don't remain the same every time. You may get a bit slippery with the beach ball, and all your strategies will go to nada. So you need to get the hang of this game first.

Winding it up

One thing I am thankful is Soccer Physics Walkthrough provides you the option to use either one to two buttons to play this game. This single button controls both players at once and, therefore, its idea for two players. If you want to improve your experience, even more, you can simply go to the dual mode as it allows both players to be controlled individually. By saying this game is dumb, I meant in the most endearing way. The fact is, this game is not as much fun as it is wonderful.

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