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Soccer Physics Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Through this Game

What it boils down to, the goalkeeper is balancing on strikers head, or he would be my striker if he had a head. This joined by a beach ball that is being punted back and forth by some headless footballers on another side of the pitch. Considering this the craziness of this game, you do need Soccer Physics Tips and Tricks to help yourself get over.

This is added with leaps in the air, stomps on the ball and the ability to send it spinning backwards in the goal. It's a victory but hard earned one. This game can be described in two words, brilliantly ridiculous because it is full of randomly occurring moments that you will guffaw at. If you want, you can throw some same device multiplayer to enjoy a shallow but fun and crazed package that will leave you with joy.

Control Scheme

Soccer Physics game has two basic control schemes. You can bounce both your player with a single button while using the other to control them individually. None of these provide much for finesses, which is the whole concept of this game.

A tap will be sent to leap in the air which feels trailing to try and hit the ball. When they land, they topple and flop. This means that your next tap will push them off kilter for one more time. You need to use your players to push the other into a ball. This is an effective and perfectly acceptable technique.

The fact is, you will spend most of your time to smash players head into the opposing team. Almost every time your keeper will be upside down, and the opposition of goal will be wobbling. In addition, the game will also toss some new environmental challenges at you. The ball shape will change, players head will fall off, the size of goal will change, the patch will even get covered in a laugh. While these will pose a challenge, they will also provide comic relief.

No Association with Real Life Football

With everything you face, challenges or tips and tricks, you will realize that this game has no association with how you play soccer, but still it's fun. By the way, you can play with a friend or two and make some crazy stories. However, this is not the game you would sink hours of your life. Instead, it's something that will keep you entertained and plaster a smile on your face.

Funniest Game You Will Ever Know

Soccer Physics Tips and Tricks aside, this is the funniest game you will ever play on mobile. The fact is, you can never think of anything that can even compare to it. There are two teams with two players in each, two goals, a ball and a heck load of laughter. The comedy of this game is found on its absurd control you just need one button to control both players on your team. When you tap the button, your players will wobble and topple, this is how you need to score goals and the crux of this game.

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