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Soccer Physics Hacked: Why is it so Popular After all?

Soccer Physics Hacked is the latest game from Otto Ojala. These people have already made a name for themselves with "Tug the Table" and "Wrestle Jump". Well, this is another hit from these guys. Yes, once more you have to beat your opponent, but in a soccer game.

You can play this online sports game in different platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Unity. This game was released back in 2014 but still it remains one of the most popular online games played till this date. Below we will see what makes it so popular after all.

Basic Description

This is somewhat slow paced game that has its own offside penalties and deliberate passing. Moreover, it's condensed down in a fast paced arcade style that forms the gameplay. This game can be played in Multiplayer mode, but only two players can play. Soccer Physics Hacked is even crazier than it may sound to you. The credit goes to its simple controls that put the real challenge of controlling your players.

The playable characters are flopping in this game like fish out of the water. Therefore, the result is almost chaotic. As each player is flipping, the ball gets close to either goal every time.


Soccer Physics Hacked comes from the makers of Tug the Table. Once more, these people are successful in providing a crazy set up. Also, there is a focus on the same device for two players to have a deal for touch controls. This can be related to Air Hockey combined with Foosball, which itself comes with an absurd setup.

Almost every time, the players will do exactly the opposite of what you want them to do. For instance, if you want them to move in a specific direction, they might end up jumping. Unfortunately, this is somewhat you have to get used to. This is the element that will keep you engaged all the time; it's, even more, interesting in replaying.

The Main Attraction

The main feature of this game is single player mode. In this mode, the first side to get a five score wins. After each goal. There is a setup that consists of Beachballs, tiny goals, slippery fields and no heads of players and much more. We are bound to say that everything is designed while keeping absurdity in mind. It is beautiful how the game carries this idea throughout the campaign. The main concern here is entertainment and Soccer Physics Hacked never fails in it.

One thing this game lacks is precision, and it can be frustrating. There is a two button option to control players in single player. The same set up is used to control as many as four players in multiple player campaigns. The beauty of this game is each goal provides a unique process that you can share in a kooky way. The fact is, Soccer Physics Hacked is as fun as it is crazy. It's worth for some unique entertainment that you can share with others.

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